How to use the POI Editor

On your Android device:

Step 1. Download and install AvaTourGuide to your Android device from the Google Play app store.

Step 2. Sign in using your Google+ ID.

Step 3. 'Unlock Pro' features from within the application.

Back on this website:

Step 4. Found where you'd like to add a new POI, or find one to edit.

Step 5. Click the POI icon to bring up the editor dialog.

Step 6. Add your details, hit Save!

On your Android device:

Include the same categories you tagged your POI with and see the POI on your device.

But I get error messages!

Some things to note:

  • You have to fill in a reason for your change. Entries are reviewed and any without reasonable reasons will be deleted;


AvaTourGuide relies on categorisation to work properly. You should give thought to assigning categories to your POIs.

Select from existing categories using the list provided. Those that are grayed out are locked and can't be used. If you don't see a good category to use, you can create new ones using the dialog. New categories must conform to a few simple rules:

  • They must begin with a # symbol
  • They can't contain spaces or quote symbols
  • They should be short

Locked Categories

The categories you see listed in gray are locked. Only the person who created the locked category can use it; any POIs that have been tagged with a locked category cannot be edited by anyone other than the owner of the locked category. In this way you can create a set of POIs that are tagged with your category and safe from change.